1st Generation Mini Cooper Malfunctioning Windows

The design team working on the first generation Mini Cooper Hatch (2001-2006) began work in 1995, torn between the demands of BMW (make it sporty!) and the Rover Group (make it economical!). Eventually, the BMW group won out, and the result is the automobile that has captured popular fancy and starred in such high profile films as The Italian Job. A traditional difficulty encountered by owners lies with malfunctioning windows.

Malfunctioning windows may take 1st prize for most annoying car problem ever. When they’re stuck closed, it feels like driving around in a fishbowl, and when they’re stuck open, well, lets just hope it’s not raining. Many Mini owners report that the passenger window is the one where the problem occurs, but the issue can—and does—affect all of the windows in the car. A common trick to “fixing” the issue is to repeatedly punch the area above the lower door speakers, but this is obviously not a sustainable—or recommended—solution. Like all issues, the best way to go about solving a malfunctioning window is to first locate the origin of the problem.

Does the window try to make noise when you depress or lift the window switch? If the motor itself doesn’t even attempt to engage, then you very well might be looking at an electrical problem. If you can hear the motor struggling to work, than it might be a cable issue, or the clamps that hold the window could be broken. There is also a chance that the window regulator is broken even if the motor is receiving electricity, and that the entire unit will need replacing.

While some people view this as a DIY problem, the difficulty in taking apart the door panel coupled with the likelihood of smashing the glass panes makes faulty windows and their switches a job best left to the professionals. Contact a specialized German car repair expert who can safely pull apart the door’s components and get your windows back in order.

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