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1 Review

  • Hector Hernandez1 year ago

    I am really unhappy with my experience with you. First because when I was about to buy my car (Mini Cooper 2012) I took it to you to get it inspected for any possible mechanical problems it may have and I got a report saying that the car was in very good condition. Just one month after I bought the car it began running rough, I took it again to you and I was told that the engine had a serious problem with the timing chain and had to be replaced. I got that done and had to pay almost 1,800. Just a few day after, the engine light went on again, I took it back and the code was deleted to see if it came back on. It did, I took it back, and now I was told that it was a solenoid... I was going to wait to get it fixed because I am about to go out of town, but this weekend the engine light went on AGAIN and the car began running rough AGAIN! Today I took it back to your location at 1630 E 1st N. and now it turns out that I am going to be charged again 257 dollars to replace the solenoid that should have been replaced since the very beginning. I do not like to argue with employees, or get into futile arguments, but this is outrageous, and certainly I am not taking my car to you, nor recommending your services anymore. I just got another BMW and was thinking on dropping it off with you for service, but with the experience I've had with you inspecting, and "fixing" my mini, I'm not taking any more chances.

    2012 Mini Cooper S
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