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Portland, OR 97220 US
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E&A Auto Repair LLC. A top auto repair & service center that is your local 1-stop shop dealership alternative. Which for all import and domestic vehicle owners means you are assured exceptional service at lower prices then any dealership rates.

However, reasonable prices are not the only reason our customers feel so good about bringing their cars to E&A. We understand that our customers want to know that they came to a place that treats them like family by showing we do care. We want you to feel like you are getting excellent service by expert mechanics using the latest diagnostic tools in the industry.

That's why we take pride in every car we repair, not just replacing parts to repair the problem, but doing full diagnosis |check & test | road test | recheck | finally a visual inspection. Lastly our goal is making sure our customer money used are always dollars well spent.

2 Reviews

  • Nadiah
    Nadiah7 years ago

    I had a problem with my mini cooper S with air mass sensor I took it to the dealer four times and spent over $2500 and they did not fix it they told me the ECU is the problem after the car finally stop working I look on the internet on google I find this shop I call them they get me in they look at my car they find it was a fuel pump and I told them about my air mass they kept over night the very next day they call me by the answer I was waiting for the problem was a loose valve cover no coast on that they have a customer for life thank you E&A

    2007 Mini Cooper mini cooper S
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  • Diana
    Diana8 years ago

    I have a big problem with my 2008 mini with engine light I can't go do DEQ I spend allot of money to get it fix I went to diffrent places no luck I went to E&A they found the problem with no part replce its fix now I can get my tags thank you E&A this is a big help you will see me again

    2008 Mini Cooper 325ci
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