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One of the West Coast's premier Independent Mini shops, German Master Tech of Bend Oregon, truly puts quality and expertise first!

Owner, Tim Morris, brings with him 32 years of experience in the German auto field. Tim knows service! As a award winning BMW Master Tech- Seven time BMW President's club and Two time Center of Excellence, he's brought with him authority and experience unrivaled in Central OR.

GMT has the largest independent Mini clientele base in Oregon and has repaired and tuned Mini's from the beginning of their introduction. As BMW is the engineering force behind Mini bringing the line in was a natural fit for GMT. And as our ads state we speak “German, Cars” we speak “English, Cars” as well!

For the Mini owner this means Factory level training and experience complimented by a commitment to equip the shop with factory tooling and dealer level diagnostic support exclusive to German Master Tech.

Professional Referrals- GMT is the Mini “go to” shop for central Oregon's Automotive industry, body shops, pre-owned retailers entrust us with their client's cars for specialized experienced repairs and diagnostics.

Tuning- Our association with Dinan has led to some rather “hot” Mini's! Starting with the First generation Supercharged cars to the latest offering's GMT researches and installs proper and reliable packages for the Mini sports car enthusiast!

Check us out! The name says it all.

1 Review

  • ST2 years ago

    Definitely a big regret choosing this shop to do pre purchase inspection. I was hoping I do not have to write a review as I thought the owner Tim Morris would work things out but no, he decides to debate and keep the $300 he thinks he deserves.

    Long story short, I had a PPI done on a used car and was hoping GMT can point out all the flaws so that I can better make the decision. Upon receiving the report, it looks like most of the maintenance stuff are due plus power steering pump is leaking. Ok no biggie. I went ahead and ask for a quote and they quoted a ridiculous amount. For your information this is a MINI Cooper, he quoted $164 to change spark plugs (really? the parts are $28 total); $580 on front brakes (again.. really?); $43 on Air filter (again it's a 2 min job and the part costs $9) and not to mention the rest of the stuff are ridiculous as well.

    The funny thing is, they misdiagnose the power steering pump and quoted me $951 to do the job, I am glad I didn't. Turns out the power steering pump and fan are totally fine and there was no leak. I confirmed it after buying the car and had local mechanic lifted the car and photographed it. Try to send to Tim Morris but again he doesn't want to see those and thinks he has no responsibility for this.

    Another misdiagnosis is the water pump. It has severe leak going on for a long time with all the marks and stain everywhere. Tim Morris insists that it was not there during the inspection and it must have happened during my drive home. Again I told him i photographed it and it is no where like a new fresh leak and again he doesn't even want to see the photos.

    Not to mention, besides those things, they also did not report my air bag light, sqeaky door...etc.

    What is the point of pre purchase inspection if general things/ major issues like those are not pointed out? I believe they did not do a thorough and honest job. And the worst thing is that all these crappy work costs me $300+ and a bad purchase on a car with more repair than I expected.

    What pisses me the most is when Tim Morris tells me that I choose to buy this car and since it is a used car sitting in a dealer lot it is expected to have many problems. Really?! Now that I paid $300+ to you for an inspection not only you didn't point out the major flaws but now you blame me for choosing the wrong car? If you had pointed out those major issues with honesty I wouldn't have driven 14 hours to make this purchase. I even asked the service advisor on the phone before making my trip up asking whether the car is in good purchase condition and he told me yes.

    I will not recommend anyone to this shop for any kind of service. I have done more research in depth today and they have the same problem with many others out there. If you just type the shop name and Tim Morris, you can find quite a few posts and reviews regarding their work.

    Just a piece of advice: you should listen to your customer instead for trying to back your points by debating/ twisting facts. When I said I have photos evidence, you should ask for it and verify with me and see what the problem is not ignoring and debating your way out.

    2005 Mini Cooper Mini Cooper S
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