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Knoxville and East Tennessee's best Mini Cooper service center.

EuroHaus Motorsports specializes in Mini Cooper repair, service, and performance in the Knoxville area. Owner Robert Berry is a regionally acclaimed European automotive technician that has over 30 years of European auto repair experience. Located in Lenoir City, EuroHaus Motorsports was opened to serve European automobile owners in the Knoxville area and throughout Eastern Tennessee area.

With extensive experience servicing premiere European automotive brands, Robert has also built BMW, Porsche and Mini Cooper race cars.

Minor repairs to major repairs, the expert Mini Cooper technicians at Eurohaus Motorsports use the latest tools to accurately diagnose and repair your luxury vehicle.

From factory scheduled Mini Cooper maintenance to drift car setups and race prep, Robert and the team at Eurohaus Motorsports can do it all! Schedule your next Knoxville Mini Cooper service appointment today!

Are you thinking about purchasing a used car? Know what you're buying — call us for a pre-purchase inspection!

Looking for tires? EuroHaus Motorsports is a preferred installer. They'll ship your tires directly to our shop so we can install them for you!

Check out Eurohaus Motorsports featured in December 2015 PCA article.

Meet Our Owner

  • Robert Berry


    Robert is a regionally acclaimed European automotive technician with over 30 years of auto repair experience. His specialty is in repairing European brands, such as, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Maserati, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Audi, VW and MINI Cooper.

5 Reviews

  • Michael Gaines
    Michael Gaines3 years ago

    I have found Robert Berry / EuroHaus Motorsports to be a top notch organization. I live in Murphy, N. C. My 2007 Mini Cooper was in need of a motor replacement. After searching in my area for a automobile shop that would repair my Mini, I did not come up with any place that made me feel confident that they knew how to repair my vehicle. My wife called EuroHaus Motorsports to ask about getting the repairs done and after her conversation with Robert she felt that he sounded really knowledgeable about Minis and he gave her an estimate of cost that was almost unbelieveably low. My big problem was how was I going to get my Mini, which was not running, over to Lenoir City, Tn! Then my wife tells me that Robert was willing to send a flat bed truck over to NC to pickup my Mini, for a minimal fee. I was very much willing to accept that offer!

    Once Robert got my Mini in his shop I did not hear anything from him for quite some time. I became concerned about what was going on with my Mini and exactly where was my car? I expressed my concerns to Robert. Robert assured me that since we were going to be using a used motor to install in my Mini, he was searching for the best available motor that he could find. Robert performs various checks on all used motors and they have to meet his high standards before he will install them in a customers vehicle.

    Once Robert found the suitable motor for my Mini he contacted me to let me know that he was starting the install on my vehicle. During the installation Robert would contact me and report any mechanical concerns or issues that he found with my vehicle and he made recommendations as to how to deal with each issue. He even found a broken spring on the Mini's suspension and repaired it at a very reasonable price.

    After all of the repairs were completed on my Mini, Robert informed me that the original price that he had quoted not only included him coming to NC to pickup the vehicle, but also included him having the vehicle delivered back to me in NC, that was quite a pleasant and unexpected surprise!!

    I have the vehicle back and I have driven it approximately 1000 miles. I am so extremely happy with the results of the repairs that Robert and EuroHaus Motorsports performed. The vehicle is actually running better than it has run in years. It feels like a brand new car!

    All of that to say, Thanks to Robert and EuroHaus Motorsports! Whenever I need any repairs in the future, I will do whatever it takes to get my Mini back into the hands of Robert / EuroHaus Motorsports!

    2007 Mini Cooper Mini Cooper base model
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  • John
    John10 years ago

    I had a negative experience with the owner, Robert Berry. I believe he is extremely dishonest and will never take another vehicle to him.

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  • Heather
    Heather11 years ago

    Robert and his crew are extremely careful, honest and professional. I will not take my car anywhere else for service. Great at their work and the cleanest shop I have ever seen. Don't go anywhere in Knoxville for installation or repairs before you check them out. You will not be disappointed. If you want the best this is the place to go.

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  • Ian Arensbak
    Ian Arensbak12 years ago

    My fiance and I were getting ready to go on a trip to Michigan and a few days before our trip the DSC and the Tire Pressure Monitor Light lit up on the dash in our Mini Cooper S. Being that we were driving to Michigan in the winter and snow being inevitable I knew I needed to get it fixed before the trip (we had no traction control because of the fault). Money being an issue this time of year, I couldn't afford to just take it to the nearest dealership and pay their prices for diagnostics. I called up Robert Berry of Eurohaus and he was willing to help me out in any way that he could. I drove down one night after work and he pulled the codes for me. He went out of his way to get me the best price he could on the part that I needed (Steering Angle Sensor) and had it there the next day. He installed the part before our trip, re-calibrated it, and we were on our way to Michigan without a problem since. Thank you so much Robert for everything that you did. You are a wonderful asset to the Mini Community! I will definitely not take my Mini anywhere else, and I would recommend Eurohaus to anyone, Mini or not...

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  • Helen Ogle
    Helen Ogle12 years ago

    As a woman who doesn't know a lot about cars, I can never thank Robert Berry enough for taking care of my daughters Mini Cooper. Whenever we needed any help, he was always polite and answered all of our questions. I always felt like we received the best service and I know his prices are comparable because I checked with other service centers. Robert and his staff are very professional and I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Robert for all your great work.

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