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We are a full service automotive repair facility specializing in Mini Cooper and BMW repairs in Santa Monica. We are an independent Mini Cooper service center that performs diagnostic, regular maintenance and general automotive repair on Mini & BMW vehicles only.

With over 25 years of combined automotive experience, we want to be Southern California's best BMW & MINI repair center in Santa Monica, CA. We know that cost may be a deciding factor when servicing your BMW/MINI. That is why when you bring your car to us, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best prices in Los Angeles without sacrificing quality or service.

Using state of the art Mini Cooper repair equipment, we provide exceptional service. Let your mind be at ease when you bring your Mini Cooper to The Haus- Independent Mini Cooper & BMW Repair, knowing that it is in good hands with Mini Cooper trained technicians.

We can provide exactly what your Mini Cooper needs, and we use only BMW/MINI original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or equivalent. Each part is designed to fit your BMW/MINI perfectly, and comes with a 2 year/24,000 mile warranty (same as the dealer). Feel confident bringing your Mini Cooper to us, when it is time for your next tune-up or service.

As owners of BMWs and MINIs, we have extensive knowledge and experience that can't be found elsewhere. We repair and maintain Mini Cooper vehicles efficiently and quickly, and at a fair price We take pride in the fact that we know every nut and bolt on your Mini Cooper. We can honestly say we are better than the dealer in many ways, not just because we are less expensive but because of our honesty, integrity and knowledge.

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Meet Our Team

  • Kevin, Co-owner at The Haus- Independent Mini Cooper & BMW Repair in Santa Monica, CA



    Kevin graduated from Arizona State University in 2009 with a Major in Business Administration and a Minor in Entrepreneurship. He has been in the automotive business ever since, combining his love of cars and helping people!

  • Stephen, Co-owner at The Haus- Independent Mini Cooper & BMW Repair in Santa Monica, CA



    Stephen has been in the automotive industry since getting out of the US Army in the early 90's and his BMW experience goes all the way back to 1995. He drives a BMW and has been a car enthusiast since childhood.


  • I don't know where to begin about this place. First off they are AMAZING!!! Let me back track a bit and say that I just had to have my Mini's clutch replaced a month ago and I got a fair price at another car shop. But then was told that I needed to replace my front brakes and rotors, brake fluid and oil change. I knew about the fluids but the brakes seemed strange to me. They wanted to charge me over $700 for that whole job. I was told I had less than 3% of my front pads left and shouldn't be driving it. I said I would be back the next month because I just couldn't afford that especially after dishing out for a new clutch.

    Fast forward to Haus. I got a flyer on my car and thought what the heck I'll get an estimate. So I called and spoke with Scott I believe it was. He was so friendly and explained everything that would have to be done. The estimate was about the same as the other place but I just felt better about this one. I took my car in and was greeted by Kevin who is also an owner there. The waiting area is on par with many dealership level areas. Comfortable couches, coffee TV, free wifi and an adorable little dog named Scruffy who will pop in to check on you.

    Anyway. I came in ready to get all the work done that the previous place told me I needed. They can in about 20 min into the service to tell me that there was still over 60% front and 80% rear brakes left. The previous place lied to me. Haus could have just did the work and charged me but they were very honest and friendly. I can tell you that this will be the Haus that "Casper"(my Mini) will be coming to from now on. Thank you guys. You're the best!

    John W. West Hollywood, CA on June 25, 2015
  • So I had been trying for a few weeks to get an oil change with Center BMW, but the SA didn't get back to me (Not a slam on Center, I would still take my car there).

    Saw some good reviews online for Haus of Minis &, they also put a card on my window when my car was parked at work. So hey, being an entrepreneur myself, I wanted to give them a try.

    First off, the shop is very clean. Both customer area and the car bay. Second, both Stephen and Kevin were very nice. Talked with them for a bit. I sell high performance car parts on the side, and while I am not a mechanical expert, I am not a layman either. I do work on my car myself sometimes....brake pads, spark plugs, that sort of thing.

    Anyway, I liked the vibe in the shop, and I liked the vibe when Stephen called me up to discuss my car with me. They were straightforward with me, fixed a problem I wasn't aware of and even ordered a part for me so I could install it myself. The whole process was very transparent which I appreciated.

    They also gave me a ride into work after I dropped off my car, but the best part was instead of picking me up, they delivered the car to me at my office. Now that is what I call service. Thanks again Stephen and Kevin. Since Yelp won't let me give you two thumbs up, it looks like I have to give you 5 stars instead.

    I'll definitely be back to HM&B in the future.

    Erik D. Santa Monica, CA on June 12, 2015
  • My mini started overheating, so I called Haus of Mini. Steve helped me get back on the road. The cost of repair was very reasonable compared to other shops in town. You have gained my trust and thank you again for getting me back on the road in a timely fashion. See you next service..

    Brian S.
  • Car problems give me anxiety. Primarily because I feel like car repair shops are always trying to take advantage of the fact that I know jack about cars... So a few days ago my Z3 started making a whining noise and the radio started going in and out. I called Haus and described the noise the car was making and the radio issue. Steve knew right away what the problem was just based on that info! Well the battery completely died on me (alternator apparently) and I had to have my car towed to them. I cannot say enough about how great Steve and Kevin were - explained all the problems to me in a way that made sense and didn't make me feel stupid. Even told me the issues that needed immediate attention and what could be put off for a little bit. It was one of the first times I've been to a car shop that I didn't feel like I was being talked down to. Got my car back yesterday and it's running great! Ended up needing an alternator and new terminals. So glad I t ook it to these guys - if (heaven forbid) anything happens again, I will know where to turn! Thank you again!

    Errin C.
  • Had the BEST experience at Haus of Minis & BMW servicing my Mini. The staff is friendly and efficient. Unlike most service places, everything was clearly communicated to me and I never felt like I was being taken for a ride. Kevin and Steve are honest, helpful and very knowledgeable. Prices are very reasonable! I wold recommend this place to everyone!

    Vaishali K.
  • Excellent place. Staff was knowledgeable and friendly. I know very little about cars, yet they made my experience painless and even enjoyable. I never felt out of my depth or talked down to in any way. They took the time to answer all my questions and were extremely helpful. I will be coming here for a very long time and I suggest you do as well. Would give them more stars if I could.

    Joe B.

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