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Trustworthy automotive repair servicing the greater Denver area, located in Arvada, Colorado. The Arvada German Garage has over 50 years of experience servicing German cars.

Our automotive repair experts have many years of experience working on your German vehicles. We offer many services ranging from timing belts and chains to A/C service to tune-ups and anything in between at affordable prices.


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  • First of all a tip-of-the-hat to Mike Solis (owner).

    I recently brought in my 2006 Mini Cooper to 5601 Garage for a second opinion for various things which the local Mini dealership requested that I have done. I was not impressed with the dealership's service and was shocked by their prices; this is where Mike comes in.

    First, 5601 Garage quoted me well below others, about 30%-40% lower. Numbers like that are usually suspect, because you get what you pay for; however, in this case I was proved wrong. I dropped the car off, picked it up a few hours later and when I was handed the invoice it was actually lower than the quote. When I asked why, I was told that the strut mount that I was having replaced was "easy and went pretty quickly", so they deducted some labor costs. What!?

    This is the most honest and fair garage I have ever been to!

    $$$ SIDE NOTE: While replacing my broken strut mount Mike noticed that my vehicle still had shipping spacers on both front struts. (BWM installs these plastic spacers prior to shipping vehicles to the US. and they are to be removed as soon as the car comes off the boat.) I have had my Mini into 3 different dealerships, in 3 states, twice complaining about the ride of the car and twice for full-vehicle inspection and not once did they notice this. Mike said that the spacers more than likely caused my strut mount to fail. He gave me the blown-out strut mount and the plastic shipping spacers and told me to take them back to the dealership, where I bought the car new, and ask them to reimburse me for his work. UPDATE: as of last week R.S. Mini is supposedly cutting me a reimbursement check for Mike's work.

    Does it get any better than this?

    Jared A, via on November 1, 2010

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3 Reviews

  • L Tran
    L Tran5 years ago

    I wanted to love Arvada German Garage. Jared, customer service, is amazing and responsive. He even went as far as picking me up when I could not get a ride to the garage. However, after my 1st appointment (where the car had a simple coolant leak), the garage recommended upgrades that I agreed to have done. They damaged the axle in my car causing a massive oil leak. I called them and Mike, the owner, took responsibility. I came in immediately only to learn that they ordered the wrong part. I came in a few days later and they repaired the axle... or so I thought. They installed it incorrectly and a few days later, I had transmission fluid ALL over my garage. I called and left messages at the garage and no one responded. Out of desperation, I had my car towed to the dealership. Mike promised that he would "do right" by going up to the dealership to look at the car, in addition to calling them. He said I would not pay a thing.

    Weeks later, after my car was repaired correctly by the dealership, Mike called only to rant about about the dealership work and costs (really? they fixed his garage's mistake!). He said we could discuss a fair price (I wasn't expecting him to pay the whole thing) and avoided my calls soon thereafter. He sent a check for 1/6 the price and suddenly became unavailable.

    I commute a lot (100+ miles a day) and I own 2 German cars - a mini and a MB. Do NOT take your car here. What started with a simple coolant leak ended up costing 3 separate visits to Arvada German Garage, a tow to the dealership, and over $3500 in repairs many of which THEY caused. They promise lower prices (which in fairness, they do offer) but their work is questionable. If you own a Mini Cooper, go somewhere else! If you own other German cars, find another garage!

    2003 Mini Cooper 335i
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  • Amanda Moore
    Amanda Moore7 years ago


    After having experienced issues with my car since the high pressure fuel pump failed in March and having taken the car back to the dealership who sold me the car and replaced the fuel pump only to be told it was "a normal adjustment period" which had been going on for over 1500 miles I was beyond frustrated. I waited for over 2 months for my local mechanic to work me in and figure out what was going on. Finally I decided to drive to Arvada as a last effort before giving up and selling the car.

    Mike scheduled any appointment for me on a Saturday. Took my car for a test drive and acknowledged my concerns immediately! I returned with the vehicle during the week as we had to order parts. 5601 Garage covered 50% of my rental car costs while they worked on my vehicle. I have never had a private shop do that.

    My concerns were all addressed and my car is running better now than it did when I purchase it 18,000 miles ago. I will be making the drive to 5601 Garage again and again. The customer service, the professionalism and honesty are well worth the road trip and besides now my car is fun to drive.

    2008 Mini Cooper Clubman
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  • Gaye Y
    Gaye Y8 years ago

    I own a 2007 Cooper S… Love the car, but within the last year I noticed that the car started sounding more and more like a Volkswagen bug (the original). I took it several times to the dealership with this complaint and they stated that it’s normal for someone who drives the car short distances.

    Then I began seeing a loss of power, acceleration and gas mileage, again took it in; again complaining of the car sounding like a bug. They found the issue with my loss of power and fixed it - they also stated this was the reason for the noise.

    Wrong, it started up soon after I took the car home. Here’s where 5601 Garage comes in. We take our BMW to him for service and have always like Mike and crew. Took the car to them to see if they could help, they did some research and found that the cause of my noise was that I had a worn engine chain tensioner; a $25 part… in total under $250 for my repair.

    The car sounds great. (or lack of sound) Not ever going back to the dealership (unless I have to)… staying with 5601 Garage.

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