Common Repairs on the Mini Cooper Cabrio

The first generation Mini Cooper Cabriolet, owned by German auto giant BMW-AG, is a line of convertible compact cars manufactured from 2005-2008. Although Mini began its long run in the 1950’s as a British brand, BMW has taken everything auto enthusiast love about the Mini and added a twist – German engineering. The result is an economical and fun-to-drive car that is popular with drivers the world over. Even though Mini Cooper’s popularity has propelled them to new heights, these vehicles are not without their problems. Here are a few examples:

Convertible Roof Problems: For some Cabrio owners, the automatic retractable roof fails and has to be manually retracted.

Automatic Transmission Failure: At normal cruising speeds, the Mini Cooper Cabrio sometimes shifts violently causing loud noises and severe jerking sensations.

Electronic Mirror Failure: Some Mini Cooper Cabrio drivers experience failure of their electronic mirrors in both the vertical and horizontal planes, which will then need to be adjusted manually.

Shaking While Steering: An alarming occurrence among Mini Cooper Cabriolet owners, shaking in the steering column can sometimes be felt even on smooth roads.

Leaky Roof: Due to the type of cloth material in the ragtop and the seals around the windows, condensation and leaks are problems for other Mini Cooper Cabrio owners.

If your encounter any of these problems with your Mini Cooper Cabriolet, a trip to your nearby German auto import service specialist is in order. The friendly staff of service technicians will ensure all of your vehicle’s issues are quickly addressed so you can get back to enjoying your vehicle.

Search for a local, independent Mini Cooper repair shop with Mini Cooper mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.