Mini Cooper Countryman Acceleration Stumble

The Countryman is a four door crossover SUV made under the Mini Cooper marquee for German car maker BMW. This compact vehicle has a similar look and style of its Mini Cooper counterparts, but has more space and power as a small SUV. As great as the Countryman is, however, it is not without mechanical issues.

Some owners of the Countryman, made between 2011 and the present, have reported experiencing a stumbling sensation when attempting to accelerate. For example, as one driver reported, when attempting to gain speed on the onramp of an interstate, the throttle "stumbled." This was as the car's acceleration was being increased to a speed of between 55 and 60 miles per hour. For a period of time, no longer than one second, the RPMs stopped rising and it sounded and felt as if the engine cut off completely for that brief instance. After this short hiccup the car was able to gain speed as normal.

Other drivers of the Countryman have had a similar situation occur, but at much higher speeds with one driver noticing this at speeds between 65 and 75 and another at speeds greater. This slight stumble or jolt can come as quite a shock to the car's driver, especially when he or she is attempting to merge with fast moving traffic on the highway.

If your Mini Countryman is experiencing a problem with acceleration that is stumbling at any speed, then you should bring it in to your local Mini Cooper service expert for a complete evaluation.

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