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8498 Miller Road,
The Woodlands, TX 77354 US
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Honest. Transparent. Correct. We truly want to help you. WE WANT TO HELP YOU!

The culture we have here at ABR Houston echoes through all of our employees. You have to instill trust into who you’re dealing with when it comes to car repair. You have to trust the shop. We’re here all as enthusiasts, and all work towards the common goal of making our clients comfortable with our recommendations. We want to know about your son’s soccer game, how your spouse is doing, what new tricks your dog learned (maybe so we can steal the idea and teach Bones, our shop dog). This is a long lost art in the automotive world. We want a relationship with you and your car. You, Your car, Your situation, and your budget.

Frankly- If we see you once, we’d expect to see you again. We want the first thing that pops into your head when you have car issues- is us. With 2000+ clients visiting us a year, it’s an amazing thing knowing people with a first name basis. We know their children, where they work, and what their hobbies are. We don't want just a transactional relationship. We want it to be more than that.

So, when considering a shop- take a peek and enjoy the view. We’ll be here ready to get you back on the road. It’s not just a motto or tag line. It’s the building block to each client and vehicle that comes in the door.

ABR Houston provides the best Mini Cooper repair services for German vehicles in Spring, Houston and The Woodlands, TX! Our professional staff will take care of your German vehicle's auto repair in The Woodlands.


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Meet Our Owner

  • Alex Noll


    There was a reason why I started ABR; happiness and satisfaction have become a result of it. Helping the community, helping my employees, and helping my clients. I feel honored to work with such fantastic people, and of course having a dog that pesters everyone to scratch him. 3 things that describes me well are: Honest. Transparent. Accurate. You may not like what I tell you, but it'll never be a lie. When is the last time you woke up on Monday wanting to go to work? I do! It boils down to this: I only want the best for my clients and employees. I'm fiercely loyal to them, and hope that it reciprocates.