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111 N. White Horse Pike
Somerdale, NJ 08083 US
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BMW and Mercedes-Benz Factory Trained Specialists

MD Motorwerke Inc. is a BMW and Mercedes-Benz service center that was forms in 1998 by Matthew Conover and Dan Gaydos. Matthew and Dan bring together over 25 years of technical expertise and automotive business experience. They maintain hundreds of loyal customers with personal service, the latest in dealership technology, and reasonable prices. MD Motorwerke offers a full complement of services for the BMW and Mercedes-Benz owner.

  • Routine maintenance, service inspections, major repairs
  • Full diagnostic capabilities
  • Pre-purchase car inspection
  • Performance Upgrades

1 Review

  • Ray Rizzuto
    Ray Rizzuto6 months ago

    I've been chasing an issue for months where the car would show a check engine light, and/or go into limp mode. The codes indicated a throttle body issue I had the car looked at by a Mini dealer, and another independent shop, and neither came to a correct diagnosis. I was ready to donate the car and be done with it, but decided to try MD Motorwerke since I'd had good luck with them when I had a BMW Z4. Matt did some diagnosis, and research, and determined that the crank pulley/harmonic balancer was bad - the rubber between the pieces had perished, and it was wobbling so bad it was hitting the timing cover. He replaced the pulley, and I have had no issue at all in over 500 miles.

    2006 Mini Cooper S
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