Helix Motorsports

4648 Umbria St,
Philadelphia, PA 19127 US
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Helix Motorsports designs premium aftermarket parts for MINI and BMW automobiles. The Helix headquarters, located in Philadelphia, performs MINI and BMW tuning, testing, installs, and repairs. The 5700 square-foot shop is equipped with a Mustang MD-250 two-wheel load-type dynamometer and two lifts.

Established in 2001, Helix formed after BMW acquired MINI. The owner of Helix was the first person in the States to get his hands on one of the new stock MINIs. After years of designing parts for the MINI and doing tuning in a small shop, the company expanded. Today, Helix specializes in designing performance parts for both BMW and MINI makes and is widely known for its stepped-core intercooler.